Unique Gift Ideas
Unique Gift Ideas

12 Unique Gift Ideas

Birthdays are special for everyone, even the one who insists on having a low key celebration. Every year you just keep track of weeks so that you don’t miss the birthdays of any close ones.  If you have a lot of friends then surely you got to shop for their birthday gifts depending upon their personality and profession. This list here intends to narrow down your search if you happen to be lucky enough to have a photographer friend. The list of gift items will surely help you find your perfect unique gift ideas for your photographer friend’s birthday.

Custom made cake photo cake

The person who captures others’ moments needs to make special moments too. A customized photo cake will make sure your friend remembers the party and the night. To get a flawless photo cake with exemplary taste choose cake shop online that are distinctively known for creating personalized cakes.

Bookmark camera

This is a successful attempt at making bookmarks way more interesting than they used to be. A small vintage-looking camera outline made with wired metal is a unique bookmark and startles the receiver with ease. 

Vintage video camera

Photographers today are all decked up with the latest lenses and equipment to fit the industry requirements. In the middle of fulfilling expectations, your friend could use some good old nostalgia in the form of a vintage video camera. It will be quite an asset to his/her elaborate photography gear collection.

Wooden camera pen stand

An innovative pen stand in the shape of a camera will upgrade boring study whether it is used to stack stationary or not. Even if the pens are better off lying in their respective drawers, having decorative and useful stands won’t hurt anyone, right?

Keepsake photo album Box

unique gift ideas your friend a cozy place to stack his special albums. A sturdy and spacious photo album box with popping colors will surely jazz up the interiors and help your friend from losing his/her most cherished memories among his professional albums.

Neon sign light

A cool neon sign light has multiple uses. Apart from being a quirky unique gift ideas, it can motivate your friend to play with the lights as a photography wizard and create something visually interesting with his/her skills.

Photographer with tripod caricature

Fun caricatures are quite an in trend unique gift ideas. A caricature of your friend posing with a tripod as if straight pictured from his/her work field is a nice idea to tell him how you respect the profession.

Personalized doodle portrait

The photographer deserves to be framed too! Not in a scandalous way though. An elegant doodle portrait of your friend can be the best unique gift ideas ever.

Camera shaped table night lamp

Make those nights bright with a small camera shaped night table. Night lamps are essentials for bedrooms and while one may use the space on the bedside table with a necessary lamp, why don’t decorate it with a creatively carved out camera-shaped lamp!

Polaroid camera

Your friend could use some time off from clicking extraordinary pictures of client’s and going around to have fun with friends, clicking aesthetically blurred Polaroid photos and making memories. unique gift ideas a nice Polaroid camera with a sweet handwritten note.

Motivational coffee mugs

Photography is a strenuous job. It demands sacrificing one’s moments to capture others. Your friend could use some wise words of motivation in the form of motivational quotes and sayings on coffee mugs.

‘Click me now ‘ cupcake

Quirky cupcakes will keep alive the celebration vibe for your friend even when the party gets over. Gift your friend a personalized cupcake saying ‘click me now’ as a reminder for enjoying the day without standing behind the lens for once. You can opt for the best cake delivery online in the venue itself to avoid the inconvenience of carrying the box yourself.


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